Wonky Blocks

This quilt has been a work in progress since December of last year. It was a project where I ended up cutting the fabric, stashed the blocks away and forgot about it. I have so many projects like this just lying around in my craft room. However, I told myself I can’t tackle anything new until I actually finish some of these sewing projects that have already been cut. We’ll see how that goes.

I also told myself I can’t buy anymore fabric. Ha!

A few months before all of this packing and moving stuff happened, I sat down and got to work on these wonky blocks for this quilt pattern. Stupid me thought I totally memorized ALL of the instructions. Cut a third of the fabric in a wonky, slanted line, move one piece of the stack from the top to the bottom, and then sew back together.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I tried to cut 27 pieces of fabric all at once with my rotary cutter. What a mess. Don’t do it…trust me. I’m surprised I didn’t slice a finger off!

After I cut/resewed the pieces back together, I referred to the instructions thinking that there’s gotta be a better way. Well, yeah…the instructions said to do this in 3 groups of 9. Dangit!

So, of course this ruined every idea I had of having perfect blocks with 9 different fabrics in them. Oh well.

For the next four cuts, I grouped them in 3 groups of nine and tried my best to make sure that the squares had varying fabrics in them. I don’t think I got one block right. Lesson learned…I really should read instructions better. Ugh..I’m such a rebel!

The more I look at these blocks, though, the more I like them.

LSU Quilt Top Close Up

They’re much more random looking this way, and I think they came together quite beautifully in this quilt top!

LSU Quilt Top

Now, all that’s left is to sandwich the quilt, quilt it all together and sew the binding on! :-) Time to dust off the sewing machine and get this project going again!

The end of the season…

I can’t believe that I’m watching the last game of the regular season for LSU. Football is my favorite sport, and man, have we had a roller coaster of close heart attacks, blow outs and, sadly, losses!

I’m looking forward to whatever bowl LSU is in, but I’m still in disbelief that the season is almost over and my Saturday nights will be pretty plain now.

Image source

We had a pretty good run this year, guys. Let’s just forget what happened in the last 30 seconds of the Ole Miss game though…

Those were the days…

I like to think back on my life from time to time. I remember my school days very fondly, actually.

I can remember in kindergarten trying to convince the teacher’s aid that animal crackers shouldn’t be glued to paper for the Noah’s Ark project we were doing, because we wouldn’t have snacks for the afternoon. The aid laughed at me and said, today’s snacks aren’t animal crackers, so don’t worry! My real reason for not wanting to glue animal crackers? They were the pretty iced kind and I wanted to eat them!

I remember in 3rd grade when my teeth were grown in all weird, and I was ashamed to make my parents a photo ornament for the Christmas tree. I knew I was getting braces the next year, so I told my mom to please throw the ornament away, and I’ll give her an ornament with a picture of me with pretty teeth later. Sigh…last Christmas, I found that dang ornament in a box. I didn’t throw it away though, since it’s now pretty sentimental and I never did give her an ornament with a pretty teeth photo of me. :)

I can remember my first after school detention in 8th grade. This girl approached me at recess, and proceeded to make fun of me (for my weight) and I defensively said “Your MOMMA!” Yeah, I was really original. The assistant principal heard me (and only me). I got detention with my math teacher who laughed at the fact that the “goodie two shoes” was in detention. My teacher decided to give me two worksheets full of algebra problems as punishment. Little did she know that she made that the best detention EVER, seriously! I love Algebra! I’m a dork, I know.

I remember in high school when I landed my first (and only) solo in band. It happened in such a weird way. See, I was second chair clarinet. I have to say, I had great tone quality and control (due to playing the clarinet since 5th grade), but as far as fast fingers to play fast music? Hells to the no! First chair had super fast fingers, so she was first chair. She was awesome. However, she had to miss an afternoon of practice once, and I played the solo in her place that day. The next day, I found out from my band director that I was to play the solo for festival. I was elated, but also felt bad. I know that solo meant a lot to the first chair, but heck, how could ANYONE turn down a solo? So, I played the solo. Looking back, that was kind of mean. I hope you don’t hate me too much, <insert first chair player’s name>.

Now, to the nitty gritty – college.

I miss college the most. There was so much that happened to me over those 5 years, that it makes me pretty darn sad now that it’s all over. I was one of those SUPER involved people on campus. I became an RA (resident assistant) in the dorms my second semester of college. I think that helped to kill the introvert in me. I got to know so many great people, and honed my leadership skills through them.

I also joined quite a few organizations, but none were as important to me as Silver Wings. Silver Wings was at first, a club I joined because I was jealous of my neighbors who had pretty poster stars on their dorm doors. I wanted one, so I joined. Ha! I fell head over heels in love with the organization. I love community service and made so many great friends to where I finally felt a complete sense of belonging at LSU. In my senior year, I became president of the organization, and helped my chapter to get the outstanding chapter in the nation award at the National Conclave.


The great thing about being so involved was that I meant many important people at the university, including the chancellor.

I met him the first time my 4th year senior year during residence hall move-in day, where he visited all the halls to tell the freshmen and staff a friendly hello.


The second time was my 5th year senior year. I was part of a group of student leaders invited to a party at his personal home! I was way cooled out that I was invited to go to a party where the student body president, sorority/fraternity presidents, and student ambassadors were invited. The cream of the crop in student leaders – I felt like that was the peak of my student career at that very moment.


Well, now, I’m at the bottom of the professional totem pole again. It’s difficult going from the top to the bottom, but I hope to one day do as well as I did in my college career. :)

Almost National Champs! :)

Not sure if I mentioned my obsession for anything LSU related, as I am LSU alumni. I don’t really pay much attention to baseball in general, but this year, the baseball team is REALLY good. So good, in fact, that they are playing University of Texas tonight for the National Championship. Who’da thought? (I’m more of a football fan…don’t come between me and my football!)

geaux tigers

Yes, I painted myself EVERY game my senior year of college! Totally worth it btw…

I figured I might watch this game tonight (after kickboxing hehe). Like I said, I’m not really into baseball but when it comes to the Tigers being possible National Champs against TEXAS? (If Texas baseball is anything like Texas football, I’ll definitely be watching!)

So, before football season starts in a couple of months, I’ll get to say “GEAUX TIGERS!” in excitement tonight. :)