Fabric Organizing

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been sewing for 2 years. I remember when I got my first machine in Christmas of 2008. It was sitting pretty in a box for a while, until my Mom majorly helped me out with the machine on Thanksgiving of 2009. I learned how to thread the sucker and practiced some stitches on an old dish cloth. (Thanks Mom!)

Since then, I’ve been slowly purchasing fabrics. Pretty fabrics. I would end up buying fabric, because it was cute with no project in mind. So of course, I started to see a small stash grow. I had a decent sized IKEA basket where I was storing the fabrics, but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough space. Not nearly enough. It just never looked organized, so I had to do something different. :-)

So, I looked on the Internet to see what others were doing with their fabric, because I know people have MUCH more fabric than I do. That’s where I stumbled on this idea where you wrap fabric around comic book boards. Genius!

Fabric Organize

How simple is that? When it’s stacked side-by-side, it sort of looks like a little fabric library. I love it!

For the 1/2 yard cuts, I ended up cutting a board in half, to give the fabric something better to wrap around. Then, I ended up placing them in a smaller basket to keep them all together since the shelves on my bookcase are too deep for the 1/2 yard cuts.

Fabric Organize

I just love that I can easily see all of the fabric that I have and just as easily pull only what I need now!

How do you organize your fabrics?

Wonky Blocks

This quilt has been a work in progress since December of last year. It was a project where I ended up cutting the fabric, stashed the blocks away and forgot about it. I have so many projects like this just lying around in my craft room. However, I told myself I can’t tackle anything new until I actually finish some of these sewing projects that have already been cut. We’ll see how that goes.

I also told myself I can’t buy anymore fabric. Ha!

A few months before all of this packing and moving stuff happened, I sat down and got to work on these wonky blocks for this quilt pattern. Stupid me thought I totally memorized ALL of the instructions. Cut a third of the fabric in a wonky, slanted line, move one piece of the stack from the top to the bottom, and then sew back together.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I tried to cut 27 pieces of fabric all at once with my rotary cutter. What a mess. Don’t do it…trust me. I’m surprised I didn’t slice a finger off!

After I cut/resewed the pieces back together, I referred to the instructions thinking that there’s gotta be a better way. Well, yeah…the instructions said to do this in 3 groups of 9. Dangit!

So, of course this ruined every idea I had of having perfect blocks with 9 different fabrics in them. Oh well.

For the next four cuts, I grouped them in 3 groups of nine and tried my best to make sure that the squares had varying fabrics in them. I don’t think I got one block right. Lesson learned…I really should read instructions better. Ugh..I’m such a rebel!

The more I look at these blocks, though, the more I like them.

LSU Quilt Top Close Up

They’re much more random looking this way, and I think they came together quite beautifully in this quilt top!

LSU Quilt Top

Now, all that’s left is to sandwich the quilt, quilt it all together and sew the binding on! :-) Time to dust off the sewing machine and get this project going again!

Unisex Baby Quilt

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve updated on here. So much has been going on, which I’ll definitely blog about, but the biggest project lately has been another baby quilt.

My cousin and his wife are expecting their first baby and since they’re waiting to find out the gender, I had to make the quilt for either gender. I can’t tell you how hard it is to find unisex. I know green/yellow, but I wanted to find a cute print to feature on the quilt that screamed “baby”.

I found a few, but ultimately, I went with Michael Miller’s Zoology in Lagoon. Sadly, this line has been discontinued, from what I could see, but I found an Etsy seller who carried the fabric. :-) Another reason why I love Etsy! :-) I also purchased some Hoopla Dot in Lagoon, to add to the quilt and also to bind the quilt with. It worked out perfectly.

Baby Quilt

I will admit, this is not your standard pastel quilt. I went a little bold here, because I thought it would look a little more fun, and I didn’t want this to look like any ordinary baby quilt. :-) You might recognize the pattern, since I used it before for a baby girl (it’s from Oh, Fransson!).

This time, I cut my own charm pack using the Go! Baby cutter that I splurged on. They have the perfect charm pack sized die. :-)

Unisex Baby Quilt

The rest of the fabrics were purchased at Hancock Fabrics. I wasn’t quite comfortable with ordering online, since I wanted to make sure the colors were pretty similar to the colors in the Zoology fabric, and I think I did pretty well here. Bundling fabrics together isn’t my strong point, but I’m learning. :-)

Unisex Quilt (back)

The back of the quilt is fairly simple. I really loved this gray polka dot fabric, so I wanted to make it the backing fabric, but I also wanted to once again feature the super cute Zoology fabric. Gosh, I love that print!

I also tried something new….machine binding. I had a few hiccups here and there (ahh…learning curve), but I definitely think I’ll bind my quilts this way from now on. It’s a lot quicker this way, and it doesn’t really look that bad on the front side of the fabric. I read multiple tutorials on blogs to get an idea of what I was doing, so if you’re interested in machine quilting, just check out the tutorials out there!



Hobby Lobby–I love you

When I first started sewing, I quickly became friends with my local Hobby Lobby. Fabric was adorable, fairly cheap and good quality. I remember walking into Hobby Lobby, asking the lady what bias tape was. I fully expected a roll of tape for fabric. I was that new to sewing,  y’all. The lady was very friendly, helpful and eager to help me find some fun fabrics to make my first projects with. In fact, my first quilt top was nothing but Hobby Lobby fabrics!

I actually avoiding Hobby Lobby for a while, because I’ve quickly found that my fabric stash is pouring out of the basket that I have. While I’d love to have a huge fabric stash, I have to remember that my craft room is also our guest bedroom. I can easily tuck away my fabric basket, but I can’t really tuck away a shelf of fabrics. :-)

However, my birthday was last week. And, well, I got a gift card to Hobby Lobby (thank you BIL’s family) and of course, I had to check out Hobby Lobby to see what they have! Oops…

Well, I spent my gift card way too quickly, but came out with this!

Hobby Lobby Fabrics

See that fabric on top? Doesn’t that remind you a LOT of Liberty of London?! I know y’all remember when Target had that fantastic line. I couldn’t help but grab up a couple yards of this, which was on sale for about $6/yard! If you like this fabric, it’s part of Hobby Lobby’s Spring line. :-) And yes, I have a project in mind for this fabric. Wahoo!

The fabric below it is in their regular Calico prints, which was also on sale. It looks like it was meant to match the floral print above, no? LOVE these colors! I also bought the bottom two fabrics, because I can hardly find purple fabrics that I like. I love the modern-y prints on both of them, but have no clue what to do with them yet. Typical sewing dilemma. 😛

I also bought my first quilting/sewing magazine.

I’m super stoked about this quilt in the issue. I just love the argyle. LOVE it.

Are y’all addicted to Hobby Lobby like me? What do you love to shop for there?

Gotta love Amy…

Man, I can’t help but LOVE Amy sometimes. No, not me. I mean, I do love ME, but really… I ::LOVE:: this Amy a lot, because her fabrics are so great!

A good while back, I took a quilting class in the NOLA area and the project was a simple fat quarter quilt. Thankfully, we got to choose our own fabrics, so when I saw the Amy Butler table in the shop, I went a little nuts. I wanted an Amy Butler quilt!

It took me way too long to choose the 6 fabrics that I wanted on the quilt, though. I’m really really slow when it comes to choosing fabric combinations, because I’m constantly second guessing myself. However, I’m super happy with the results, because I really love turquoise/aqua colors involved.

Amy Butler Quilt

(I really need to work on taking nicer overall quilt pictures, eh? ::sigh::)

While making this quilt, I found that I totally fell in love with one particular fabric on this quilt.

Quilt Backing

I love this fabric SO much…so much. I ended up making it the backing and the binding for the quilt, and I bought additional yardage for projects. I’ll be nice and link to it. I just love the grey/taupe background with the aqua and chartreuse. It’s so spring-y and just lovely.

Here’s a picture of the binding against the other fabrics.

Binding on Amy Butler Quilt

So so perfect.

I’m just so happy that this quilt is finally finished. It cheers me up when I stare at it, and since I’m cold in our house all the time (silly hubs), I’m staring at this quilt a lot! :-)

Do any of y’all love Amy Butler fabrics as much as I do?

Dinner Priorities

As a child, my Mom always made sure we ate well. We were always trying new fruits and vegetables, which I admit, has made me the veggie lover that I am today. However, a huge part of me always looked forward to…

Pillow 2

Of course, dessert never happened until our dinners were finished. However, now that I’m an adult, I can follow this theory as much as I want.

Dinner Table Priorities

I know I’m not alone here. ::hides Cadbury egg wrapper::

This was the first pillow cover that I’ve sewn. I really have to admit, it wasn’t bad at all. The most time-intensive part was stitching on the words…not the actual pillow cover!

I ended up submitted this pillow to Sew Mama Sew’s Pillow contest in the Words to Live By category. :-) Cross your fingers for me? Ha!

How many of you think the way I do? Do you find yourself eating a cookie before dinner sometimes? :-)

Gone Vintage

For a while, I’ve lusted over blogs that featured adorable vintage bedsheets being made into fabulous accessories and clothing. Each time I went to my local Goodwill, I really would NOT luck out. The sheets were heavily faded, stained or just plain ugly.

That was until last weekend.

Vintage Finds

Last weekend, I ventured out to the farmer’s market for some infamous Louisiana strawberries, only to leave empty handed since they sold out. After that, I went to a local produce stand to find strawberries, but theirs were $4/pint (heck no…not paying that). Feeling a bit defeated, I started driving home and noticed the Goodwill. I figured I might as well try.

BINGO! I found 3 sheets and a pillow case!! Aren’t the prints adorable, too?

The price? $7.

$7 for appx. 7 yards of fabric! I call that a deal, for sure!

My big plans with these sheets is to make the majority of the fabric into reusable grocery bags. I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while, but didn’t want to spend $6-$7/yard on the fabric to make the bags, since you can buy them for cheaper than that.

However, the great thing about making these bags is that they will be cute, as well as convenient to use (they will fold up into their own little bag for easy storage in my car). Plus, I’ll get all of the warm fuzzies knowing that I made them. I love those warm fuzzies!

Have you sewn with vintage sheets before?

Scrap Overhaul

I absolutely cannot believe how my scraps I’ve accumulated over the year. So many fun projects, and when I look at these scraps, I can remember what I made with each piece of fabric. Ah, memories…I’m a sentimental junkie.


I thought about what to do with these scraps. Should I just trash them? I mean, they’re scraps, right?

However, The most difficult thing about throwing them away is that these scraps represent my first year of sewing. Uh, majorly sentimental, no?

So, I ::have:: to make something with these to remember my year with my Singer.

::enter Go! Baby machine::

I spent a better part of my evening cutting ALL of my 2010 (cotton) scraps into these itty bitty 2.5″ triangles. This picture is only half of the scraps, actually.


I’m making a 2010 quilt. A quilt is a great way to cuddle up and remember the year, right? I’m not sure about how I’m going to sew all of these baby triangles together yet, but that’s what grid paper is for!

And yes, I know this quilt is going to take quite some time, but I think the finished product will be definitely worth it. :-)

Are you a sentimental junkie like me? Or do you think I’m insane to even go for this? 😛

Some big-time help…

Ever since I quit my Etsy shop, I’ve been itching to get back into quilting. One of my weaknesses with quilting, however, is cutting straight lines. I always mess up on a few pieces after getting in a groove and there’s nothing more aggravating than re-cutting fabric!

Enter Accuquilt Go! Baby

I’ve been lusting over this since I heard about the Accuquilt Go! fabric cutter. Unfortunately, at about $300, there was no way I was going to spend that much on a fabric cutter. After a while though, the Go! Baby came out, which retailed for HALF the amount of the Go! :)


So, I used up some Christmas money and finally purchased it! I’m so excited to dig into my fabrics and make quilts again, now that cutting should be quicker and just overall, more efficient! I ended up buying this value pack as far as die cuts go.


This cartridge cuts two 2 1/2″ triangles, one 2 1/2″ square, and one 4 1/2″ square. I have a big project in mind for those triangles involving this huge stash of scraps from 2010!


While you can’t really see the size of this, I will say the fabric fills up one drawer in this cabinet. Seriously…all scraps!


By the way, this file cabinet is PERFECT for sewing. I store a good bit of fabrics (and scraps, obviously), notions, manuals and patterns in this thing. It doesn’t take up that much room either. It’s smaller than you think, and for $40, it’s quite a bargain for organizing!

I can’t wait to get my Go! Baby and get to cutting. :-) I’m itching to make this quilt that I have in my head.

What kind of crafty things did you get for Christmas?

A walk down memory lane…

Remember when I mentioned that I used to cross-stitch?

DMC Floss Collection

I busted out the collection for ornament making. I was a bit of a fanatic, no?