A Bunch of Randoms

1. It’s been a few years since the last Harry Potter came out, and we finally watched it. Holy cannoli. Um…yeah. Didn’t see any of that coming at all. No spoilers, because I’m sure there are people out there who haven’t seen the end. However, I think I’m gonna finally take the plunge and read the books. After reading the Hunger Games trilogy, I can see where people are coming from when they say “It makes much more sense in the books…”. If you watched the movies, this Buzzfeed post is really gonna put a smile on your face. So much awesome.


2. I got a fun Influenster box in the mail from Mary Kay. I’m always worried about free make-up, because I’m super fair-skinned and usually the shades just don’t work for me. However, I’ve tried the cream eyeshadow and lipstick yesterday. I was stunned at how neutral the eyeshadow was…in the pan, it’s a purple shade, but on my eyes, it was a purple-ish brown. Very pretty. The lipstick looked like a highlighter pink, but on me, it was a good neutral with a hint of pink. Not too harsh at all! It also included mascara, and mascara is always a challenge for me. As a blonde, I wasn’t blessed with gorgeous Snuffleupagus eyelashes. Instead, I have a few, short blonde eyelashes, and mascara usually just makes them look like spider legs (I’m talking to you, Benefit’s They’re Real mascara…OMG talk about spider legs mascara…glad it was a free sample!). Anyway, this mascara actually made my lashes look great and defined! I’m definitely using these products every day now. :-) I’m glad the colors worked out.

Disclosure: I received those products in the mail for free, from Influenster and Mary Kay. All opinions/reviews are my own, however.


3. I’m on Day 9 of the Plank a Day challenge. I had to do a minute today. It blows my mind how much your body adjusts to challenges like this. I won’t lie…I still dread planks, but I’m loving how much stronger I feel!

4. Someone posted that a couple days ago marked 6 months until Christmas. What? Oh man…I know it’s early, but around this time, I start brain-storming ideas for handmade gifts. I will admit that I was completely thrown off when Hobby Lobby already had ornaments out. I completely understand having Christmas fabrics out early, but ready-made decor? C’mon now!

5. Another DietBet bites the dust tomorrow. I ::think:: I’ll make it for this one. I can’t explain how wonderful it is to be “back”. When I got off-track in May, I really felt like I couldn’t control myself. My cravings for junk were out of control, and the constant excuses for work-outs scared me. It’s easier said than done to get rid of those cravings, and to just get out there and work-out, but I’m just glad to be back into a routine and see those numbers going down again. :-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It’ll be Monday before we know it. :-P



A Bunch of Randoms

This week kind of flew by for me, which is rare. I just hope that doesn’t mean the weekend will go by even faster. Sadly, I have to do some major garden maintenance, which means I either wake up early and do it at 7am or wait until 7pm and swat mosquitos at the same time. Ahh….summer.



1. I took a good portion of the last weekend to clean up the disaster that is my craft room/guest room. Oh man…it feels good to have those shelves clean and organized! I have to admit, I haven’t gone on a fabric spree in a long time, and it just blows my mind how much fabric I still have. I guess I should get to sewing. The yarn shelves…eh…went a little crazy at KnitPicks at the end of last year. :-P


2. I have an unsafe obsession with all things scented wax related. I love our little wax burner so much that I purchased one for my Mom & Memaw for Christmas last year. It’s nice to know that I can leave these on, and not worry as much about it being a fire hazard (that is, unless the light bulb causes a fire or something…but yeah, the risk is WAY less)!


3. I have a slight sprinkles and cupcake liners problem. Earlier this year, we purchased a kitchen cart for a few of the larger kitchen tools that we have, and I just felt that I HAD to add some fun kitchen-y decor to it. I purchased some large jars at TJMaxx, and filled them with 1 lb. bags of non-pareils and jimmies. It’s SO much cheaper to buy them in these bulk bags, and I feel like I go through these regular rainbow ones so quickly…especially when I’m on a funfetti kick! I also purchased a larger jar and put my cupcake liner collection in it. It’s just so pretty & functional. Love it!


4. Liz of The Lemon Bowl recently posted a 30 Day Plank Challenge. I decided to join in on this one to see how strong I could get. I would be 110% surprised if I can do 5 minutes of planking by the time this is over. I’m on Day 3 right now and just plugging along, while my arms violently shake and my stomach screams.


5. Here’s a cute picture of Millie just for kicks. :-)

Hope y’all have a good weekend!




A Bunch of Randoms

Another work week bites the dust, y’all! :-) It’s kind of awesome to be home all weekend. After Food Blog Forum, our mini-anniversary trip and an impromptu drive down to New Orleans, it’s strange to have a calm, quiet weekend.


As you may know, I’m an introvert. Food Blog Forum drained me (I’m totally OK with it, though!):-P. While I had a blast meeting people, I definitely appreciated the little me time I had in the evenings before I fell asleep. If you feel the same way, this is gonna make you nod your head until you feel like a bobble head. Especially 8, 17 & 19. Definitely me.


In our veggie garden adventures, I have learned something interesting about pumpkins. Usually, veggies flower and make fruit. It’s easy.

Nope! Not always!

With pumpkins, there are male flowers and female flowers. So, you may have a pumpkin vine full of happy flowers, but if they’re all male flowers, you get no pumpkins. This was something I learned last year, and I thought it was because I’m a rotten gardener. After some googling, I learned that if you don’t have bees doing the pollinating for you, you have to do it yourself. Maybe my mind is in the gutter, but man…that’s…um…awkward. Hand pollination = flower sexy time essentially. So yeah…we’ll see how that works out. I just want some darn Jack O’ Lanterns for our front yard decor in October. If I have to do the pollination myself, then I guess that’s what I’ll have to do. Will some Marvin Gaye help in this situation LOL? (Sorry…I’m not sorry.)




This treat is gonna be my best friend this summer. I just know it. Holy humidity….we get used to this stuff every year? Yuck.


I miss The Office. I thought the finale was perfection. The writers wrapped it up beautifully…I’m just so bummed to see it go.

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” ::tears::


A while back, I joined a BzzAgent campaign for CoverGirl Outlast 3 in 1 Foundation. I was skeptical, because I’ve never had luck with CoverGirl’s shades. I’m pale as heck, and their palest color was still too dark (this was back in college). I joined the campaign though, because I’ve heard wonderful things about this foundation. I picked up “Classic Ivory”…”Ivory” is too pink for my skin), and applied it. I set my foundation with silica powder spheres (as recommended in this seriously AMAZING make-up tutorial by Mrs. Rainbow, who now blogs here). That was it. No primer…no added moisturizer…I tested it as a true 3 in 1 foundation. I think I’m in love with this stuff….it’s less than $15/bottle (which is CHEAP considering I pay $40 for my normal foundation) and lasted pretty well throughout the day. Here’s the comparison from 6am to 4pm on an average work day….while it all didn’t stay put, I’m surprised by how much did!

CoverGirl Bzz

Disclaimer: I was sent a coupon for a bottle of the CoverGirl foundation for free through BzzAgent for a fair and honest review. I received no further compensation.

Have a great weekend everyone!


A Bunch of Randoms

It’s been a rough past few weeks, diet-wise. Between Food Blog Forum, an anniversary mini-vacation to Houston and well, just not working out at all….I’ve gained some weight. I’m back on track, though. After a lot of thinking, I decided to get back into the DietBet swing of things.

Would any of you like to join me? It ends just before the 4th of July festivities should be happening!

This made me laugh today.


On another weight loss note, I have to thank Sara, of Fit for a Bride blog, for interviewing me on her blog last week. Beyond flattered!

When given the choice between a Le Creuset braiser and a Kate Spade purse, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few gals who would go for the braiser. The cool thing is it was almost 50% off, and the only reason for that is that the color (midnight blue) was a limited edition. I really don’t care what color my cookware is, but it kind of worked out in my favor, because this piece is very cool since it has a sparkly finish. I’m in love with it!

As I mentioned, my husband and I took a mini-vacation to Houston this past weekend. We aren’t picky when it comes to hotels, so we usually use hotel points for trips like this and we don’t really expect much out of it. However, this time, we stayed at Hotel Indigo near the Galleria. We were blown away. The rooms were gorgeous (seriously want to steal that duvet cover), and the staff there were super friendly. You may notice the cookie bouquet in the picture, which I bought to surprise my husband. They made sure it was delivered to our hotel room before check-in, which was a sweet touch. I thought they’d just hand it to us at check-in or something. It was the first time (EVER) that I surprised my husband. SUCCESS!

I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years since my husband and I got married. A lot has happened since then, but I think the biggest accomplishment has been our weight loss journey. Between the both of us, we’ve lost 185 lbs., and our journeys aren’t even over yet. I know I have at least 50-60 lbs. left to go. 185 lbs. is a person…18.5 sacks of potatoes…37 bags of flour…3 Millies…I could go on and on. I’m pretty proud of us, darnit!

I love this article so much….while my siblings can get on my nerves from time to time (What? Don’t act like it’s just me!), they truly are great. I’m a pretty lucky gal.

Back in the college days, I majored in Geography. As a geography geek, this game is perfection. Even if you aren’t a geography geek, I have a feeling you’ll get hooked on this game, too!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

A Bunch of Randoms

  • If you stepped outside in Louisiana today, you’d have no idea it was May. February? Sure. March? A stretch…..but May? It’s chilly outside…my poor flowers are crying for consistency, Mother Nature. Hot and humid consistency!


  • I love Diet Coke. I know it’s full of chemicals that eat away at metal or something, but I love it. I need one every morning. Preferably fountain. Judge away, but this is just how I feel!


  • You know you like to bake when butter goes on sale, and you feel the need to buy 5 or more boxes at a time when that happens. I also like to confuse the cashier with said butter purchases. 6 boxes of butter, a bunch of cilantro, four limes and a box of eggs were in my cart. I don’t know about you, but when I used to be a cashier in high school, I had fun figuring out what people were cooking up based on their grocery cart. Beer, potatoes, lemons, onions, and frozen corn on the cob = seafood boil. 10 packs of hot dogs, 10 lbs.of ground beef, buns, chips and soda = cook out. I’m sure butter, cilantro, limes and eggs were a real head-scratcher, if my cashier that day was anything like me. :-P


  • I’m gonna brag on my sister today. She’s a music performance major, and every time I go to her performances, I’m blown away by her improvement. On the way to see said performance on Thursday, I had Phantom of the Opera blasting in my car (in stand-still traffic), and I was seriously jamming (rather off-key) to it. Yeah, I jam to musicals..so what? Didn’t realize guy in the car in the next lane was listening in on my off-key antics and giving me major side-eye. Oh well…enjoy? I so don’t have the vocal talent in my family (my two sisters both sing beautifully). Embedding the video below…you have to fast forward to 23:45 on it, if you’re interested. :-)

Video streaming by Ustream

  • Have any of y’all been keeping up with the 52 Week Savings Plan? I’ve been doing it religiously every week, being sure to pay myself in a little savings account using my personal $ (what my husband and I call fun money). I know a lot of people say it’s a terrible idea, but it’s not my husband and I’s way of saving $$, I promise..it’s more a personal savings account for me to splurge when I hit my weight loss goal. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch leftover after that, but knowing that I could potentially have $1300 saved up for a new closet is pretty fantastic, don’t you think?


  • Need some weight loss motivation? I love reading Runs for Cookies blog, especially since she started her Motivational Monday posts. This is where readers post about their weight loss victories and she shares them. I look forward to it every week! I just love reading about people who are going through the same things I am on their weight loss journeys. It’s so relatable, and helps me step away from the junk food cravings.

Have a great weekend y’all!

A Bunch of Randoms

TGIF! I can’t believe it’s Friday…this week sort of flew by!

  • Since the DietBet ended, I’ve been splurging just a tad too much lately. Oops. I just had one of those weeks where I just had craving after craving after craving. Don’t you just hate that? I notice if I go back to eating junk food, all I crave is, well…more junk food. It’s taken a lot to get back on track, but here I am. I guess I just needed a little break. :-


  • When we moved into this house a couple of years ago, the garden was really nothing but a bunch of irises, amaryllises and a huge crape myrtle right dab in front of the window of our house. I ended up digging up all the bulbs, and moving them to different parts of the garden in clusters to make room for shrubs and annuals. H ended up cutting down and digging up the crape myrtle too. This was about a year or so ago, and as of this week, they finally bloomed. OMG…they’re gorgeous! I have an amaryllis about to bloom as well. :-) Love all of the color in the garden right now, and just how nice it looks in general since we gave it an overhaul last Fall. :-)


  • Last week was Sherwin Williams’ big 40% off sale. We’ve been wanting to paint a few rooms in the house, and so we bought a couple of gallons to do that. The chips that are pulled are for our kitchen and guest bathroom (whatever we use in our guest will eventually be painted in the master as well…we’re just doing this a little at a time). :-) I know the kitchen color may look a TAD drastic…I promise it really brightens the room. I can’t wait to take some pictures to show y’all how it looks now!


  • I’ve had my eye on this particular shirt for quite some time, telling myself that I’d only buy it if I fit in the female cut of this shirt. This shirt just screams New Orleans to me…Winter = Mardi Gras ladder, Spring = crawfish season, Summer = snoball season and Fall = FOOTBALL! They had a flash sale on this particular shirt earlier this week (50% off OMG), and I had to scoop it up! However, when trying it on last night, I didn’t realize how small American Apparel shirts run. I think the shirt will look a lot better on me in about 10-20 lbs. It’s a bit snug. :( Oh well…motivation, right?


  • I can’t believe we’re almost in May now. February seemed to drag, and March/April have just flown by! I am super excited about May though, because Food Blog Forum is in 3 short weeks! I can’t wait to meet a bunch of food bloggers that I’ve been following for years, and get my hands on a Dole Whip! (What? Priorities, people!) May also is our anniversary month…can’t believe we’re approaching our 4th year anniversary. Crazy how time flies!

A bunch of randoms

Another DietBet = done! I’m so thrilled to reach my 4% goal once again…I know everyone is motivated in different ways, but the competitive side of me loves DietBet! I can’t believe I’m showing these (since I took them first thing in the morning and I look a mess), but I wanted to share the before DietBet #1/after DietBet #2 pictures.


There’s nothing like fresh local strawberries. Oh man…I easily put away 3 pints already since getting them yesterday. Better than a candy bar, right?


My husband and I went bowling for the first time in a while. Just a little background…my husband actually learned how to bowl from being on leagues. I, on the other hand, learned the fine art of throw it as hard and as fast as you can/hope it doesn’t end up in the gutter. My husband usually had triple or quadruple my score every game. Ah well…it was fun. :-P


You know it’s your birthday week when your inbox looks like this…


I purchased this candle as a gift for someone. It smells SO clean and just awesome…I don’t know how to put it in words, but it smelled so good! I think I’m going back to Williams Sonoma to get us one…


A while back, I begged for you guys to vote/like a picture of my running journey on Instagram. It was for a contest with Claim Your Journey. You guys are SO awesome…I actually won one of the weeks (THANK YOU!!), which meant that a rep from Mizuno would send me a pair of free running shoes! Check ‘em out! I’ve been fighting a cold for the past two weeks on/off, but once that’s gone, I can’t wait to run in these! :-)


A bunch of randoms


  • HAPPY DAY! My DietBet officially ended yesterday, and while the goal was to lose 10 lbs., I’m so happy to say that I lost 13 lbs.! The only thing I changed since the new year was joining a gym (finally) and adding strength training to my workout routine. Crazy how the pounds are just melting away. I’m addicted! I will be doing another DietBet that starts next Monday…at this rate, I could hit “Onederland” by this summer. How AMAZING would that be?!


  • I received a package from Influenster a couple of weeks ago that contained dish soap. Specifically, Palmolive Fresh Infusions. You know you’re officially old when you get excited about fancy smelling dish soap, y’all….but seriously, the Lime Basil scent (on the left) smells SO fresh and light. I’m in love…I even wash my hands with it instead of my Bath and Body Works stuff. It also works really well, so now I think I’m spoiled as far as dish soap is concerned.


  • I’ve been staring at size charts for a while now, and realized I’m 6 inches (in my waist, that is) away from fitting in my favorite regular sized clothing store (I can’t say favorite by the fit, but I can say favorite by the looks of the clothes and the fact there’s an outlet for them not very far from my house).


  •  The last time I was in the New Orleans area, I had to stop here. My favorite king cake place ever, and if you find yourself in New Orleans during king cake season, find one of these cakes. Wait in the line, no matter how long it is (it moves fast). You won’t regret it. I sliced it up in small pieces and froze them immediately so they can be a small splurge for me every now and then. So worth it!


  • I can’t believe it’s time for this, again. I started jalapenos, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and a ton of basil for the next growing season. Cannot.wait.


  • And a random picture. I refuse to buy new sweaters this season, so I’ve been wearing mine from last winter. It’s a bit ridiculous that these were tight on me last year. They look entirely too loose on me, but it’s a bit of a self esteem booster to see progress every time I look in the mirror. :-)

A bunch of randoms…

  • If you wear make-up, you need to try this foundation. I got a sample the last time I went to Sephora, and oh man, this stuff is good. You don’t feel it on your skin at all throughout the day, and it blends so easily. Yup. I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be part of the 20% reward, which is about 3 lbs. away!


  • On a weight loss note, I’m so surprised by how much leaner I look. I’m not skinny, but I look at pictures of me, and I’m in disbelief at how much smaller I am. Left picture was from February; right from two days ago.


  • I’m challenging myself the entire month of November to wear make-up to work. I prefer my sleep in the morning, but I find when I wear make-up on the weekends, I have a little more pep in my step. So far, I’ve only missed one day (just completely slipped my mind), but I do like how polished I look with a little bit of foundation/powder/mascara/lipgloss.


  • I’m working on making Christmas stockings for H, the dog and I. I’ve been posting progress pictures on my Instagram profile, if you’re interested. Stocking #2 is almost done…hoping to finish that one today, actually!


  • Blue Bell has a holiday flavor out called Gingerbread House. I can’t buy a container of it…I just can’t, but oh man….I REALLY wanna!



  • I realized this is one of the few weekends I have left that won’t be too busy before the holidays, so I’m hoping/planning to make all of the cookie dough needed for coworker/neighbor gifts this year. After doing the math, I’m going to need to make 11 batches of cookies. Guess I should stock up on butter at Sam’s, eh?

Side note: Thanksgiving is exactly a week away. Wasn’t it just July or something?


A bunch of randoms


  • I really want to make these hats for a couple of holiday gifts. Problem is, I knit. I have no idea how to crochet. Any crochet-ers want to chime in and let me know if this is a feasible project for a beginner or am I absolutely NUTS? It won’t hurt my feelings if you tell me I’m crazy.


  • I went for a run last week (I haven’t run since, because the weather change made me pretty darn sick…ugh), and the weather was much less humid than usual, so I just jogged at the pace that felt right without staring at the RunKeeper app. Three minutes later, I looked at my pace and it said 12 minutes/mile. The minute I saw that, I got super excited. Then, my mind got to me and I felt tired and had to slow down…I shouldn’t have even looked at the app. 12 min/mile is a CRAZY pace for me. It makes me excited to see how my pace will improve with the weather feeling cooler and cooler.


  • Wholly Guacamole sent me a prize pack of their products last weekend (lucky me!), and now, my latest snack addiction are these. I need to find a healthier dipper option besides tortilla chips, though. 140 calories for 7 chips? UGH. It really makes me wonder how many calories I used to consume in a tex-mex restaurant when they’d bring out basket after basket of chips. :(


  • I’m so glad that Pumpkin Spice Fraps are back. The light version (grande size) is less than 200 calories, and I only get one when I go grocery shopping at Target. It makes that annoying errand (moreso because of rude shoppers) a little more pleasant.


  • We decorated our house for Halloween two weekends ago, and when I went to take out the fall wreath, I was super bummed to find out that most of the decor fell off of the wreath. :( NOTHING bums me out more when I have to make a trip to Michaels (ha!). I think the wreath looks adorable now…I wanted to go for a more rustic/nature feel with this one.


  • I FINALLY finished a quilt…this quilt. I can’t wait to give it to the person I made it for. :-) I think between the wreath and the quilt, I got the craft bug back. Since it’s the fall, though, I couldn’t help but fork out the knitting needles. :-)