A bunch of randoms…

  • I really had no idea how much work an Etsy shop is! I’ve been busy busy busy making new templates/patterns for items in my shop (hello holiday rush!), and then I realize I don’t have many bandannas on the shop. It’s work, y’all, but I’m liking it so far!


  • I’ve only lost 7 lbs. so far in this weight loss challenge. I only have a little over 5 weeks left. It’s time to really kick it in high gear. Did y’all know that since the weight gain, I don’t fit in a pair of my jeans anymore? I miss my jeans. :(


  • Millie has the fastest growing fur ever. Just recently I started noticing she’s slipping on the wood floors more often. Reason? The fur on her feet is too long, and because of that, she’s losing traction with the floor. Sad. :( She’s getting a haircut on Sunday though. Wahoo!


  • I really should spruce up the garden, but I’m feeling a little lazy. It really looks bad. Thank goodness the weeds aren’t growing anymore, though. Maybe I’ll do that next week when I have Veterans Day off…sigh. :


  • I also need to paint the shutters. They are still that ugly dingy dark green that was originally there when we bought the house. Time for dark grey. Shutters are just so TEDIOUS though…erg.  


  • Would it be a bad thing for me to dig up the Christmas tree in the attic this weekend? Ok, maybe I’m just kidding about this one. Maybe.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! What are y’all up to?

A bunch of randoms (4)

Whoa! I haven’t posted one of these in a while. Oops! I decided to add some cute doggie pictures in here, just for kicks. 

Dogs 3

  • I’m in week 2 of the 10 week weight loss challenge. I started up kickboxing again on Monday, and talk about a kick booty class! Whoa…my legs are still sore from the class! I have class again today too. The teacher warned us to get our abs ready. Ruh roh!


  • I’m already working on another group of items to bring into the Etsy shop. :) I’m having so much fun working on this shop, and so far, I’m super excited to say that I have sold 1 bandanna and have 6 people who “heart” my shop! Thanks for the support y’all!


  • I won a Road ID bracelet on Krista’s blog: Commitment is Liberating. I’m really glad  to get to have one of these since I do walk Millie often, and I’m hoping to get back into the C25K really soon as well. Better safe than sorry, right? Oh, and I ordered it in Pink….just because. :)

Dogs 2

  • For some crazy reason, it’s less than 40 days until Thanksgiving! Can you believe this year is almost over? What the heck happened to the time? Ugh…


  • I ordered some new glasses this weekend. I haven’t owned a new pair of glasses in over two years. These are the frames…I’m such a dork, I know. :)


  • My Fantasy Football team this year stinks. I’ve won two matches total. Why can’t I ever make good picks…ugh! I feel like I have the most injuries ever, but I don’t want to let my players go. :(

Dogs 4

  • I want to apologize to my food blog readers. I have been making the same things over and over, because it’s not quite cold enough to bring on the Fall/Winter recipes. Recipes will be coming soon. I just need the weather to decide if it’s still Summer or if it’s Fall yet. Gotta love Louisiana, right?

Betcha didn’t know…

I haven’t gotten a blog award in a long time, but Kaelin over at The Plaid Scottie decided to pass on the torch to me. :)

By the way, Kaelin is a WAY talented sewer/quilter and she’s in NOLA. I love it when I find a fellow Louisiana blogger! :)

I also need to pass this to 5 bloggers. So, here goes:

His Birdie’s Nest
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This Casita

Since the torch has been passed, that means I get to share with y’all 7 things you probably don’t know about me. :)

  1. I’m left-handed. The only thing I do with my right hand (over my left) is move a computer mouse. I had to learn that way in school, and I just sort of adjusted to it. I understand what it’s like to be in art class, only to find that the left side of my left hand is full of marker smudges at the end of class. I also slant my paper at almost 90 degrees clockwise when I write. :)
  2. I used to be petrified of dogs. Yes, this dog obsessed person was PETRIFIED. When I was really young (like barely out of diapers young), apparently my neighbor had a bunch of pitbulls unleashed (and we believe this neighbor was not a very good dog owner) and one of the dogs ran towards me. What did I do? I ran and fell. The dog was literally over my body when my Dad shoo’ed him away. Scary, for real. My parents’ and neighbors helped me get over my fear very slowly. I’m talking in my teenage years….it took me a long time to ever approach a dog again. Now, I love ’em to pieces. :)
  3. I was a big time major-changer in college. I started in pre-med. I wanted to be a pediatrician…I love kids. However, Biology 1201 did NOT love me. I flunked it, and decided to change over to education. After two years of doing that, I really didn’t see myself staying up late, writing lesson plans and watching as school systems throw a huge emphasis on standardized test scores. It wasn’t for me. I went back to a passion I had when I was 8. Weather. Side note: When I was 8 years old, I had a journal of highs/lows/weather conditions. I did this everyday for almost a year. I loved weather, especially cloud types. I actually took pre-reqs to get into broadcast meteorology at Mississippi State. After Calculus 2, I was done with the math. It didn’t come naturally to me, like it did to most engineering students. That B in Calculus 2 was the hardest B I ever worked for in my life…I just couldn’t do it anymore. So, I leaned back on the degree that I was working towards (Geography Sciences)  and put more emphasis on cartography in the end.
  4. I used to love to read. When my family moved closer to the public library, I was SO happy! Then, I found out there is more than a 2 book limit on rentals, so I rented all the time. I tried to read 1 every 3 days, and was SUPER competitive during Summer reading months. Honors English in high school killed that love. I don’t like being forced to read, and I haven’t touched a novel in years because of it. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get back into reading either. :(
  5. I’m not much of a traveler. I’ve only been out of the country once, and that was on a tour of Ontario in 8th grade. The farthest west I’ve been is Salt Lake City, Utah. I’d love to travel, but the cheap person in me always tells myself that the money is better spent elsewhere.
  6. I am very, very shy in real life. If you met me, you wouldn’t think I’m the same person at all. It takes a lot for me to introduce myself to someone, and sometimes I don’t even do it. I actually went to a local Twitter GTG, and introduced myself to 2-3 people. There were a LOT more people there though. However, once I warm up, I’m a chatterbox like my mother.
  7. I don’t keep up with current events very much. When it comes to politics, I don’t really care either. I know I’m an adult and should care about these things, but the news is rarely uplifting, so I really try to avoid it.  

Are any of y’all surprised with these? 😛

A bunch of randoms (3)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I have a good bit to share. :)

  • I’m sort of happy to finally see the end of the tunnel in a sewing project I’ve been working on. The pattern had terrible directions for a key component and I somehow rigged it. I can’t wait to blog about it.


  • My original Etsy name was taken. I checked about a month ago and no one had it. Well, lo and behold, someone bought the dang site and I had to think up (with the help of very creative friends) a new name. I’m waiting for biz cards to come in so I can ::finally:: open shop. :) I bought the URL, got the Etsy shop username and the gmail. No one better try to pull a fast one on me. I’m keeping the official shop name a secret until the shop opens! I cannot wait. :)


  • Pretty soon this blog will have a new name, but I’ll keep the old URL to reduce confusion. The name “Nifty Foodie’s Life” is getting fairly boring to me, and I’ve always wanted to keep food/life blog separate. I’m fairly certain the name will change to my Etsy shop name, so I can have a shop blog and continue to blog about random life stuff too. :)


  • My Aerogarden is going to be growing salad greens next. I’m so excited about this, especially since the Junk Food Detox is still happening. :)


  • Speaking of Junk Food Detox, I’ve given up snowballs, ice cream, candy and fried food. I’ve only cheated twice! :) I had a Snickers bar and Arby’s curly fries. Fully admitting to my faults, but it’s WAY better than where I was about a month ago! I’m 9.3 lbs. down so far too. WOOT!


  • Food blog blurb: Some of you may know this, but I’m in a great contest called Project Food Blog right now. I’d really appreciate your vote to move on to round 3! Here’s my round 2 entry! :)


  • I have a sad sad addiction to fabrics. I am on a fabric buying fast until I bust some of this yardage into gifts/shop stuff. I told myself I won’t buy more fabric than what will fit in a wicker laundry basket that I have. It’s overstuffed right now…oops! I can’t let it get out of control…I just don’t have room for it. :(


  • I’m a little sad all of my shows are back. I was enjoying the “free” evenings, in a way, and now I have to schedule things around my TV schedule. Bummer.


  • It was in the 60s this morning. It gave me my first goosebumps in a long time. Thank you FALL!

How are things going for y’all? :)

A bunch of randoms (2)

I think I’m going to make this a usual thing. I have so much on my mind, and I think this is a great outlet for it.

  • News stations: 5 years after Katrina, and you still have it ALL wrong. People didn’t stay in New Orleans by choice, (for the most part). Rather, our unorganized local/state/federal governments had no means to evacuate the tens of thousands of people who needed to get out of town. Again, this was NOT by choice…and for those of you saying you’d get out if you had to (HUGE eyeroll to you), well, imagine how that would go if you didn’t own a car. Good luck with that. Oh, and even if you did have a car, in evacuation scenarios, it takes 8 hours to get somewhere that usually takes 1 hour, even with contraflow (which is where they make the interstate system one way…out of the city). ::side eye to the media and their inaccuracies::  Shame on y’all.


  • I’m craving fajitas right now, dipped in queso blanco with a frosty large strawberry margarita.


  • We’re remodeling our bathroom counters. They were a f-ugly 1980’s pink formica. This project is way harder than TLC and HGTV makes it seem like. We are DIY tiling…my poor hubs is really working hard on this, and I feel helpless since I’m scared of power tools with blades. There will be a post about this, but I’d rather it be a before/happy after post.


  • Two days after posting, our first group of the Christmas Quilt Block Swap was full. We decided to keep sign-ups open until September 15th anyway in case a group 2 fills up. We have 3 people interested. If you are interested, please let me know…we still have 9 spots and would hate to turn away anyone from the swap!


  • My library is my favorite resource for books. I don’t buy cookbooks or how-to books anymore, since my library has an awesome selection for free, and also, those books don’t end up taking up permanent space in my home. Free/non-cluttering. Win!


  • Coasters seem to disappear in our house. Either the dog is stashing them in a hiding spot or they have grown legs and walked away. I’m totally making these for our house. I’m tired of paying oodles of $$ for them, and I think these would be adorable! 4×4 tiles at the store are 25 cents. I won’t be super bummed if they grow legs and walk away now. :)


  • I still can’t believe it’s less than 4 months until Christmas.

What’s on your mind? :)

A bunch of randoms…

I think I might start posting about things that are on my mind, but the subjects alone aren’t worthy of their own post, if you know what I mean.

  • Blogs usually have a niche…this blog doesn’t. I don’t expect to ever have a huge following, because I can’t find one thing to write about and roll with it, life-wise. One week, you’ll get a post about sewing, the next, a post about how my dog ::dings:: wine glasses before every meal. It’s just random, and I’m sorry there’s no overall theme here. (Thanks for reading…)


  • Why do failed politicians write books? Do that many people really care?


  • I won a yard of fabric from here. I’m pretty darn happy, but how in the heck will I choose just ONE!?


  • I’d love to go to BlogHer some day, and just be a starstruck crazy blogger gal trying to fit in. I think I’d be a babbly mess around the Pioneer Woman, but she’d love me, right? I mean she did tweet to me, once! We’re totally BFF’s!


  • I entered to win some free pet photography from this amazing photographer in Baton Rouge. Feel free to enter, but don’t beat me, OK? Millie needs pretty pictures!


  • Right now, I want to make a weekend of canning food gifts with summer produce like Tracy of SugarCrafter is doing, but I don’t know where I’d store all of the goodness right now.


  • I want to own an Etsy shop at least half as successful as Gussy one day.



  • I quit Weight Watchers, because my leader was a 60 year old woman who talked about cooking with grand-kids all meeting. I couldn’t relate. I’m still the most I’ve ever weighed. I need motivation.


  • Can it be Christmas already? I’m ready.

Any random thoughts you’d like to share? :)

A personal challenge

I remember when I was 10 years old, and I was offered a (small) job at the daycare next door to bring garbage cans to a fenced area on weekends after trash was collected. It was an easy  job, and I thought I was high-rolling with my $10/month salary. At the time, my biggest hobby was making friendship bracelets, so I’d always buy DMC floss in various colors whenever my parents brought me to Wal-Mart. Life was simple and $10/month was all that I needed/wanted.

When I turned 14, I started taking on baby-sitting jobs. I earned about $30-$40/night just watching kids make a mess of a house with their toys. Easy stuff…at the time, I even brought my newest hobby, cross-stitching to the homes and worked on that. After the kids went to bed, I’d just throw all of the toys in their containers and I was done. $30-$40 a night? I WAS RICH!

I won’t even tell you how rich I felt in high school, when I made $5.15/hour as a cashier. That was awesome AWESOME money.

Now that I’m in the real world, I’ve come to realize that I hardly ever SEE my money like I used to. Once the paycheck comes, an allotment goes to our joint account for bills/groceries, a good chunk of the rest basically pays off the dental work that I had done a year ago (remember to floss daily, folks) and the rest, well?

The Internet. Ahh, Internet. You make things so easy. No need to find a parking spot or lug bags around…no. I can just put items in a virtual cart, make an account that saves all of my information, and simply, 3 clicks later, my items are en route to my house. So convenient…so crazy. It’s so easy to spend $100 here and there on random things, and then you look at your bank account balance and feel like everything went way overboard.

So, last month, I decided to not make any Internet purchases (with the exception of my dog’s flea meds). The first few days were hard, and over the past 30 days, I missed so many great sales. I had to remind myself that with a sale, you are still spending money, and do you really NEED that?

No. I didn’t. All I needed that month were flea meds for my dog. That was my need.

There was a small crisis that took a good bit of thinking to get through. In the middle of the month, my iPhone case cracked (plastic). I wanted to buy mine off Amazon so badly, because we all know iPhone cases online are dirt cheap. I remembered my promise to myself, and ended up scouring Target and Best Buy for a deal. While not spectacular, I found an opened box iPhone case for $16. I know the Otterbox’s were $10 on Amazon, but I would have had to spend $25 to get free shipping. In my head, I saved $9, at the very least, since it’s nearly impossible to hit exactly $25 on Amazon.

July 1st is today, and I don’t feel tempted to attack a clothing store or accessories. Yesterday, I wanted to buy a cookbook that was 50% off, but last night, I realized my library carries it. I don’t need that $20 cookbook…not at all.

So, on my first day of the Internet buying ban being over, my debit card is nestled in my wallet for the day.

Since it’s a new month, I’m going to tackle a new venture that is a slow money drainer: coffee shops. It’s so convenient to make that my breakfast, but it’s absurdly pricey. So, this month, I’m giving up coffee shops. This should be fun….wish me luck with this one!

Have you found yourself spending too much on the Internet? How do you restrain yourself?


As a child, the only disaster familiar to me in Louisiana was a hurricane. I only remembered Hurricane Andrew, because we evacuated to my grandmother’s house, which was higher up, built like a fort and hardly ever flooded. I remember the wind, how fiercely it blew the branches of the oak trees in my grandmother’s front yard. I remember how loud the thunder was, and I remember the amount of times I watched Peter Pan, while we still had power, hoping and praying this would just go away. Andrew didn’t damage us that badly, but as an 8 year old, anything beyond a normal storm was scary.

Fast forward to 2005: Hurricane Katrina. I was actually taking a meteorology class that semester, because I originally wanted to become a broadcast meteorologist. I remember our professor lecturing us on the 3 worst case scenarios for New Orleans, and before LSU closed, it was looking like one of the 3: up the mouth of the Mississippi. I can’t tell you how scared I was, because my family lives right off of the Mississippi River. My Dad couldn’t evacuate, because of where he works and my mother evacuated to my dorm room, bringing my 3 siblings and a 90 lb. anxious yellow lab. It was bad news bears….very scary. By the way, 5 years later, things still aren’t back to normal, folks. My mom still teaches college level classes in a FEMA trailer.

Recently, in case you avoid the news, there was an oil spill. Better yet, I’m not calling it a spill. A spill is an oops…dropped a cup of milk. This thing is a fricking GEYSER a mile below the surface of the water, spewing non-stop into the Gulf of Mexico.


I’m avoiding the use of foul language in this post, so you will see this equivalent frequently as I share my thoughts on this. Keep in mind, I really do not care/pay attention to politics. If you think I’m going to rag or praise on Obama, Vitter, Jindal, whoever–this isn’t the right blog. I just don’t pay attention to the politics. Sorry. This post will be solely on the impact this is having right now, and the possible impact it COULD have.

Let me tell you a little something about Louisiana. While we don’t have beautiful blue beaches or the richest people along the Gulf coast, we are a state. We still matter. However, the media seems to think otherwise. Coverage didn’t go crazy until it threatened the pretty beaches of Florida. Florida is HUNDREDS of miles away from where this happened. It took WEEKS for the media to go crazy. Yes, there was coverage, but national news coverage was slim. There were better things to talk about, like Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, NBA Finals, etc. I mean, heaven forbid we miss Lindsay Lohan’s trial…who gives a crud about Lindsay Lohan anymore, anyway?

Back to this subject, on April 20th,  11 people died. 11 of them….these people had families and friends who live all around the state. You might say, oh, that’s not many, but to those families, those people were their WORLD. 


This part is sore for me. My Dad works at a refinery, specifically in the part where they turn the crude into the stuff consumers use. Dangerous work. In the late 80s, there was an explosion. 8 people died…people my Dad knew and they were people my Dad was due to work with 2 short hours later. His office was destroyed from the explosion, and all that was left were oiled family pictures.

So, these 11 people died. This selfish BP exec, Tony Hayward, says he wants his life back.


Oh wait a second? I’m sorry, you want your life back? Oh, poor poor  Hayward…WAKE THE HELL UP. 11 people died…they will never have their life back! Their families’ lives will NEVER be the same! You are selfish and you suck. It took him over a dang month to apologize to those families after April 20th happened. Oh, so sorry that you had to take an hour out of your life to apologize to those families. Go back to your golf course and 100 year old scotch. Whatever.

Let me throw some numbers your way for a second, which I’m sure you guys are fully aware of. MILLIONS of gallons are spewing out of this geyser into the Gulf every stinking day, and the number is actually GROWING the more they try to “fix” this geyser. Did you know that? The rate of oil spewing out of that dang thing is RISING daily! This crude oil is spewing into the habitats of wildlife, some of which were recently taken off the endangered species list.

Look here and here.

Can you imagine being helpless wildlife, recently having your nesting grounds inundated with this disgusting chemical goop containing God knows what, right now? Can you imagine living day to day in 105-110 degree weather (yes, this is our current heat index) coated in this non-breathable goop. Remember folks, this is oil, it’s slowly cooking these animals to death. These animals can no longer fly or swim away. They are weighed down by this thick crude oil. They will, unfortunately, die without help.

Side note: I wonder how the BP execs would feel inundated with crude oil and left to fend for themselves in the Louisiana sun for days. I’m sure a lot more effort would be put into solving this geyser.

So, these animals have limited help available. However, THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WANT TO HELP, but it’s too hazardous apparently. Hmm..maybe we should have thought about this WEEKS ago, and appropriately protected their nesting grounds with booms. Oh wait, you aren’t going to use the hair or fur that are being  donating nationwide to make into booms either?? Oh, it’s because the booms you have are “doing their jobs”, riight….


Another thing, BP. This crude stinks! Some people in Louisiana SMELL that crude daily. I’m sure that’s completely healthy too, right? Oh, and don’t get me started on the industries you have destroyed in our state.

Louisiana is known for our seafood, but hey, you might as well forget about that! We probably won’t have decent Gulf seafood for years. I mean, yeah, we fry our seafood in oil, but we don’t want our seafood pre-oiled with crude. This geyser affected thousands of fishermen. This is their jobs. Not to mention, the bait shops, restaurants and other businesses in the areas where these fishermen worked, oh yeah, those businesses are dead now.

Also, there is now a 6 month offshore drilling ban. So, now the people who worked offshore don’t have jobs for 6 months, including the businesses that helped them out. Good job, BP. Good job. Slowly making Louisiana people broke, while you sit pretty, paying pennies (in comparison to your company’s worth) to help with this oil spill effort. These people affected won’t see settlements for years either.


Also, here’s another thought. June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season. Whatever Gulf state gets hit this season, they are going to get a storm surge full of this disgusting chemical goop. Do you want that at your front door? I didn’t think so. There are theories on what could happen with a storm, but no one really knows. Oil geysers and hurricanes have never personally met before. Should be a fun season, right folks? Not only will people who can’t evacuate be walking in disease-stricken water, oh no, they will be walking with streams of crude as well. Lovely thought….totally healthy.

I have a strange feeling that my children (who are still unfertilized eggs), as teenagers, are going to be dealing with the effects of this geyser. This completely sucks.

By the way, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Comment away. I promise I’ll comment back as I can.

Fondue Night!

After college, my social life went way down. My friends and I all went our separate ways, so we could no longer hang out. I was sad. I’ve fallen out of touch with some gals, but I still have some true blues that I gChat with daily. :)

So, it’s rare for me to have a night out with some gals. After my husband and I got married, I went to my local board on The Nest and started talking with some fabulous girls in Baton Rouge. They would have get-togethers and a lot of them were IRL friends! Around Christmas, someone hosted a nestie party, and I finally chucked up enough courage (mind you, I’m shy) to meet up with these gals. :) Of course, my husband was a little weary since these were Internet friends, but hey, I did meet him on the Internet too! :)

After the party, I felt like I made a few new friends, and couldn’t wait for the next GTG. Well, that was this past Thursday and we met at Melting Pot for cheese/chocolate. Yum! It was fabulous to chat it up with these gals, and enjoy some sinful eats.

Spinach Artichoke Fontina Fondue (before/after)

S’mores Fondue (before/after)…gotta love the flambe! :)

Coincidentally, it was birthday season! We were celebrating birthdays for 3 of the gals so our waiter put candles in our dessert dippers. How cute!

Our waiter was pretty fun. He would chime in on the girl talk, as crazy and random as that was! (Hairy eyeball? Yeah google that phrase…it’s safe for work, but I never heard of it before!)

Hi waiter! He was pretty swift with making sure our glasses were full and our tummies were happy!

I gave one of my buds my camera to play with, and she ended up taking pics of everyone, so I thought I’d include them. Hope no one hates me after this..

Of course, I need to link to the photographer so you can see her ultra cute baby bump!

Oh yeah, and sometime during the dinner, I tweeted Bob Harper of the Biggest Loser to wish one of the gals (here’s her blog) a Happy Birthday.  He still hasn’t responded…c’mon Bob! Sigh..

I had a great time, and it’s awesome to have some local gals to talk to/hang out with! :) I don’t feel super lame socially as much anymore.

I’mma be…crafty!

Back in December, I entered a contest with Team CAC (Christian Artist Crafters) on Etsy for a huge giveaway basket of items. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that I won one of the baskets! I was SUPER stoked!! :)

After looking at the haul of things I received, I thought it would be fun to kind of pay this generosity forward to my readers, but I had no idea how I was going to go about this.

About a week ago, That Wife blogged about Craft it Forward. She generously offered her readers a chance to receive a handmade gift from her, and I found out this weekend, that I was one of the lucky 5! YAY!

So, I’m going to Craft It Forward too! I’m totally stealing That Wife’s idea and making it a random drawing to readers.

A bonus? Not only will you get a handmade gift from me, but you will also get a gift from the basket that I won from Team CAC! I think it would be kind of fun-hoggish (yeah, probably made up that word) to keep all the wonderful handmade things I received to myself!

Here’s the deets:

  • I’m randomly picking 5 commenters on this post to get a Craft It Forward package from me.
  • If you enter, you should Craft It Forward to 5 other people as well. It’s a chain thing, yo. I’m not going to twist your arm to do it, but I think it would be neat to keep this thing going.
  • Winners will get their stuff before taxes are due. That’s my personal deadline.
  • I do a lot of crafts. You could get anything from a scarf, to an apron, to heck, maybe even some decorated cookies! Yup, I’m random like that. I might even ask the winners a little about themselves to get a better idea of what might be awesome to send them!
  • I am by NO means a professional! That’s another reason why I’m including something from the Team CAC basket I won, just in case you hate my skills.

To enter, just simply leave a comment. Simple as that. This little nifty contest ends after I wake up from the king cake (carb/sugar) induced coma on Wednesday, February 17th!  You have PLENTY of time to enter! :)